Medical Podcasts Worth A Listen

listening to podcastPodcasts are a convenient way for busy physicians and healthcare professionals to stay in the know about the latest industry news and insights. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites for your listening pleasure. Tune in at home, at home, or even at the gym.

2 Docs Talk
Join internist Kendall Britt, MD and physician turned medical writer Amy Rogers, MD, as they explore the conversations they’d love to have with their patients but often don’t have time for because of billing, coding, filing, and endless paperwork. The podcast explores a diverse mix of medical topics – from vaccines and diseases to ethics and mental health.

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The New England Journal of Medicine
The much-respected weekly medical journal also publishes two engaging podcasts:

NEJM This Week is the audio summary of The New England Journal of Medicine RSS feed, offering a quick recap of the latest news.

NEJM Interviews features different doctors and topics in each episode, offering insights on clinical best practices.

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This Won’t Hurt A Bit
A humorous and engaging podcast that covers everything from hiccups and medical history to second opinions, caffeine, and vaping.

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