2020 Wellness Predictions

What might we expect in the world of wellness as a new decade begins? Outside magazine polled a handful of health experts to gain insight on anticipated emerging trends in 2020. Highlights include:

  • Running will rise in popularity, again.
  • Turns out that sitting all day will still not be good for us.
  • We will skip the gym and pursue more virtual, at-home training.
  • Shoe technology could be regulated.
  • “Big Agriculture” will actively participate in climate change conversations.
  • We will continue to piecemeal solutions to health and wellness instead of thinking about the big picture.
  • Men will name women among their sports heroes.
  • Workout will go back to basics.
  • Mindfulness, meditation, and self care practices are here to stay.
  • People will remove themselves from screens and opt for real-life interactions instead.

Read on for more details and expert opinion.

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