A Heartfelt Thank You Letter

Our partnership with the Roper Saint Francis Healthcare System allows us the opportunity to direct resources to support health and wellness-related charitable programs and organizations within the tri-county area. We’re also able to help award scholarships to nursing and medical students to help them complete their education, so they can in turn, give back to the community. It’s gratifying to provide support to those so willing to give to others. Below is a heartfelt thank you letter we received from our friend Cheryl. Her kind words remind us that the work we do is well worth it. And we can’t wait to see how Cheryl impacts our community.

Dear Medical Society of South Carolina,

Too often one goes through life not expressing how the decisions of others may change a life. I do not wish this to be one of those times. Please accept my deepest appreciation for the confidence you have shown in me by awarding a scholarship for my graduate nursing education. I promise your confidence is well placed. I have three more years to the completion of my family nurse practitioner program and your generous scholarship will cover my tuition for the next year. Though ‘thank you’ does not seem adequate for your generosity and kindness, rest assured my appreciation is sincere and heartfelt.

thank you letter

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