Better Sleep Through Technology?

bedAccording to the American Sleep Association, 37 percent of U.S. adults ages 20 to 39 are not getting enough sleep. A study published earlier this year suggests one in five young people wakes up in the middle of the night to check social media.

It’s well documented that getting a restful sleep is tied to many aspects of good health. So, in an effort to promote better sleep for even the most tech-minded among us, here are three apps designed to beckon the sand man and help you get the sleep your mind and body need.

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Calm taps into the age-old comfort of bedtime stories – this time around for adults. Calm’s Sleep Stories include fiction, non-fiction, and even ASMR options. Simply turn on a story when you get into bed, close your eyes, and follow along. As the stories come to an end, they get quieter, allowing you to peacefully slip into a deep slumber. The app also provides daily meditations for a variety of needs – from better sleep to easing anxiety.

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Keep in mind: The National Sleep Foundation recommends turning off electronic devices an hour before you plan to go to bed. So, we recommend using this grownup coloring book app as a way to wind down and feed your creativity. Using your smartphone or tablet, fill in one of Recolor’s more than 1,000 images, from abstract art to detailed patterns and portraits.

iPhone: Free
Android: Free

Struggle with insomnia? Want to be free from sleep aids like Ambien? Pzizz may be for you. Using“psychoacoustics” —a combination of psychology and the science of sound—Pzizz relaxes you to help you get the sleep you need, whether it’s a full night or an energizing power nap. With more than 100 billion unique soundtracks, Pzizz works to lull your brain into sleep mode.

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