Life of Founding Member, Dr. Tucker Harris

Dr. Tucker Harris

A caring organization like the Medical Society of South Carolina could not have lasted the bout of time without the care and attention of its members. Founding member, Dr. Tucker Harris carried traits such as a loving heart, attention to detail and the will to be a life-long learner. His mentor, Dr. Lionel Chalmers, shared the same traits and led Harris to a life of service to the patients of Charleston and the formation of the Medical Society of South Carolina back in 1789.

Written by Anc Clarkson, an emergency room physician with Roper St. Francis Health Care, for the Charleston Mercury, the article below tells of the amicable lives Drs. Harris and Chalmers led and how their friendship, mentorship and success led to the establishment of the Medical Society of South Carolina.

READ FULL STORY: Tucker-Harris-Article-The-Charleston-Mercury

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