One-Eighty Place: A Mission To End Homelessness

One80Place logoCrisis Ministries opened its doors as a basic shelter and soup kitchen for homeless people in 1984. Thirty years later, they operate shelters in Charleston and Summerville, and provide everything from health services and counseling to legal assistance and job training for homeless individuals, Veterans and families. This vital non-profit recently changed its name to One-Eighty Place to better represent all that they do to help people turn their lives around and begin again.

Homelessness takes an incredible toll on peoples’ health. The fact is, homeless people are three to six times more likely to become ill than those who are housed. One-Eighty Place ensures better care for the homeless people they serve, especially those with chronic illnesses. They also reduce the strain on local emergency rooms by providing homeless individuals with a safe alternative to the emergency room. Treating a patient in a free clinic costs about $68; the same treatment in a hospital ER is about $1,600.

Roper Saint Francis Healthcare (RSFH) has been a proud supporter of One-Eighty Place for decades. In addition to helping provide preventative and acute care to sick and injured homeless people in the One-Eighty Place health clinic, RSFH’s support has helped provide guests access to a full-time nurse, vaccines, blood work and pathology and screenings. Several RSFH physicians regularly volunteer their medical services and expertise in the clinic setting, while other RSFH staff have volunteered their time and talents in their community kitchen and supply drives.

In addition, The Medical Society’s partnership with the Roper Saint Francis Healthcare System allows us the opportunity to direct resources to support health and wellness-related charitable programs and organizations within the tri-county area.

We also direct resources and funds to support capital projects that support larger projects like facility expansions, renovations, the purchase of state-of-the-art life saving equipment and more.

Interested in supporting One-Eighty Place? There are plenty of ways to help. Donate needed food and supplies. Make a donation of any size. Sponsor a meal. Or volunteer your time and talents. Every bit of help makes a huge difference. For more information, visit the One-Eighty Place website.

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