Please join Dr. Saleeby in an informative lecture on the Advances in Civil War Medicine and Surgery


Dr. Salerby will be giving the lecture at the historic James Island Fort Johnson (DNR building) on the anniversary of the Battle of Seccessionville June 16th, 2016. (217 Ft Johnson Rd, James Island (Charleston), SC)

The McLeod Plantation house was used as a field hospital by both the Union and Southern forces during the push by Union forces to invade Charleston in 1862.  We will discuss the surgical techniques used at the onset and how they advanced throughout the war.  We will see how the TRIAGE system and ambulance service was developed independently by Drs. H.H.McGuire (CSA) and Jonathan Letterman (US).  The impact the Sanitary Commission had on surviving illness and wounds.  How pharmacy schools and pharmaceutical companies came to be; and what the Confederacy used to support doctors when medications were not available due to the blockade [hint:  a book by local Charlestonian physician & botanist Dr. Francis P. Porcher (CSA)].

If time permits we will discuss a few luminaries in medicine from the era & their contributions.

Please spread the word to anyone you know that may be interested.  FREE and OPEN to the public.  Donations to help the “Friends of McLeod”.

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