Roper Saint Francis Nurses Deliver Baby In Hospital Parking Lot

RSF new parentsIn case you missed, a few of our talented and quick-on-their-feet colleagues recently helped local couple, Angela and Houston Rogers, bring their third child into the world – right in the RSF West Ashley parking lot.

The father-to-be, realized there was little time to spare when he and his wife arrived at the hospital, so he parked just outside the hospital entrance and sprinted to the door to call for a nurse. Veteran labor and delivery RN Rachel Ballenger, rushed out with a wheelchair, but soon realized the baby was coming too quickly to get the delivering mom inside. Instead, several RSH nurses joined Ballenger and together, they helped Mandy lay down and deliver her 7 lb. 8 oz. baby girl, Hazel Emma, in short order.

Congratulations to the new parents, and kudos to the quick action and care from our talented RSF nurses!

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