Stay Healthy While Flying

17HThe crowded conditions, the recycled air, the sneezing guy sitting next to you. Though it may seem challenging to avoid germs doing your average flight, it’s not impossible.

Dr. Mark Gendreau of Lahey Medical Center, offers these two tips:

  1. Sanitize your hands. Use a sanitizing gel with 60 percent alcohol before you eat or drink. Use it again after you use the bathroom. Water on planes has a dirty record.
  2. Use the vent to your advantage. Set the vent above your head to low or medium. Position it so you can draw an imaginary line of current right in front of your head. When you put your hands on your lap, you should feel the current. If something infectious is floating in your personal space, the air from the vent creates enough current to knock it away.

Any anti-germ tips to share? Let us know.

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