Supporting The Health Literacy of African Americans & Underserved Communities

Closing The Gap In HealthcareWe continue to make a meaningful impact on the health of our community through financial support of a diverse mix of community organizations. Recently, we granted $25,000 to Closing The Gap in Healthcare (CTGIH), a regional organization dedicated to decreasing health disparities and increasing the health literacy of African Americans and the underserved communities throughout the Carolinas. The grant money will be used to create and air a 12-month T.V. and radio campaign. Culturally sensitive and easy to understand, the campaign is led by former Director of the Office of Diversity at the Medical University of South Carolina and CTGIH Executive Director, Dr. Thaddeus John Bell.

Through outlets like media campaigns, barber shop/beauty shop discussions, church function presentations, and participation in other educational seminars that promote health throughout Carolinas, CTGIH aims to enhance the African American community and other underserved communities’ understanding of their health and well being. In addition, CTGIH produces the annual Greater Charleston Lowcountry Jazz Festival, a celebration of world-class jazz in a world-class venue: The Charleston Performing Arts Center. Proceeds from the festival go to CTGIH. For more information on CTGIH, visit their website.

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