The Innovation Center at the Clinical Biotechnology Research Institute


The Medical Society of South Carolina is teaming with the Innovation Center at the Clinical Biotechnology Research Institute (CBRI) to encourage our doctors, nurses and teammates to become innovators within the system to improve healthcare.

With the support of MSSC, the Innovation Center bridges the gap between new ideas and clinical practice by recruiting biotech solutions from physicians, nurses, and researchers within our system and across the globe.  Many of the projects in our current innovation pipeline come from our own doctors and staff. Our process begins with innovative ideas and research drawn from our teammates and collaborators. The most promising technologies are then selected for further development to transform them into products. The next phase is developing and integrating promising ideas into everyday clinical practice.

The CBRI Innovation Center focus areas include:

  • Commercialization of new devices or methods created by employees/collaborators/peers
  • Serving as an entry portal for small startups to access and navigate the broader healthcare system
  • Consulting with departments in the organization to help discover new approaches to solving difficult problems
  • Creating a culture of innovation across the whole organization

The Innovation Center provides feedback and guidance to enable our physicians and teammates to become creators of new technology as well as users of it. The Innovation Center also evaluates ideas and promising research that could be turned into viable businesses. For projects that show exceptional promise, the Innovation Center can assist in seeking seed funds to cover prototypes and other start-up expenses.

If you have an idea you would like to discuss with our Innovation Center team, please complete the Idea Submission form and send it to [email protected]. The Innovation Center team will evaluate all submissions to determine feasibility and market potential. If your idea is selected, the team will put together a development plan.

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