Turning Sexual Assault Into Empowerment

After Annmarie Stockinger was sexually assaulted during her freshman year of college, she set out to create a better way to contact help in dangerous situations.

With that mission in mind, she developed GoSafely, a fee-free, small, discreet “tag” that users can easily attach to backpacks, carabiners, keys and water bottles – so quick, silent access to help is always within easy reach. Because GoSafely relies on GPS and cellular technology and doesn’t require the use of a cellphone, users can contact law enforcement or loved ones with the push of a button. When a user contact law enforcement, the device also provides a location target within one to two feet of his / her actual location.

We think it’s inspiring that Ms. Stockinger took a traumatic event and transformed it into a tool that will help ensure the physical and emotional safety of countless others.

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