Charitable Programs

Our partnership with the Roper St. Francis Healthcare System allows us the opportunity to direct resources to support health and wellness-related charitable programs and organizations within the tri-county area. Through these programs, we're helping improve the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds, of our friends and neighbors, and all of us who call the Charleston region home.

Camp Rise Above is a summer camp experience designed for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and challenges.

The Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC) provides safe environments, educational support and career readiness to our community's most vulnerable children.

What our grant recipients are saying
MaKenzie learned the importance of eating salad and loves vegetables now. HEART also helped MaKenzie lose 10lbs in a 6-week session. We are forever grateful for HEART accepting MaKenzie and helping her connect with others.
- Sherrilan McKinney,
Caregiver of HEART participant
The Medical Society grant to fund a nurse has helped to provide essential services for Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC). Our nurse has served 144 children and teens who were placed in our shelters during the past year, ensuring that all received the best possible care. We are deeply grateful for this support.
- Barbara Kelley Duncan,
CEO, Carolina Youth Development Center
We served nearly 140 children this summer alone, a 40% increase in numbers from last summer. With funds from the MSSC, we were able to ensure that each child had a one-to-one counselor and enjoyed a safe, fun and rewarding camp experience provided completely free of charge to families.
- Camp Rise Above

Community Projects

Since 2014, we've directed resources to support these community projects and organizations:

Grants Application Process

All funding requests submitted to The Medical Society of South Carolina Grants Committee must have a mission to enhance health, wellness or provide access to a health or wellness resource. The MSSC Board reserves the right to make exceptions based on considerations specific to the grant request.

The Roper St. Francis Physicians' Endowment deadlines for 2016 are February 26th, May 27th and September 30th.

Completed grant applications should be sent to Edie Blakeslee at the Coastal Community Foundation for compliance review by calling 843-723-5736 x 121 or emailing [email protected]. Following approval by the CCF, the grant is then presented to the MSSC Grants Committee for review.

Community Health Needs

  • Access to services / coverage for un- and underinsured
  • Obesity, nutrition and physical activity
  • Mental health
  • Alcohol and drug abuse

Assessment Priority Areas

  • Sensitive to emerging need
  • Address existing needs in new and imaginative ways
  • Initiation of a promising pilot
  • Designed to reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Direct impact on people in need
  • Sustainable funding model

The Grant Must

  • Serve the residents of Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Counties
  • Be a public 501c3 charity in good standing
  • Be non-discriminatory in its programming
  • Focus on health, wellness or access
  • Must target at least one community health need and at least one assessment priority area.

Grant Exclusions

  • Political or lobbying entities
  • Private foundations
  • Individuals
  • One-time fundraisers
  • Sponsorships or member dues
  • Endowments

Application Requirements

  • Completed 3-page application form
  • Program or project budget
  • Budgeted-to-actual financials
  • Board of Trustees listing
  • Copy of I.R.S. designation letter
  • Grant acceptance agreement from the Coastal Community Foundation with annual compliance review