A Letter from Girish Kumar Navani, eClinicalWorks CEO and Co-Founder

Here in early 2012, as eClinicalWorks makes plans to improve upon the future of our company, we are also reflecting on our past, and the success of our clients. I would like to take this time to update you on our past and our future in this open letter.

I am happy to report that 2011 was another remarkable year for our company and our customers alike. As of December 2011, more than 60,000 physicians, 370,000 medical professionals and 9,500 customers representing 22,000+ ambulatory practices in the country use our Comprehensive Electronic Health Record and Practice Management solution. Our ambulatory customers are comprised of all types of groups: large hospital systems; large and small health systems; large, medium, small and solo provider practices, and 33% of the country’s community health centers.

I am particularly proud of the fact that with the significant footprint and success we have achieved in the Hospital/Health system and large provider practice market, we continue to maintain a very strong small-physician market. Part of this success is due to our commitment to solo and small provider practices, and to providing the help and resources needed for implementing technology. I am privileged to have co-founded a company that cares and develops a comprehensive EHR/PM for all providers, regardless of their size.

In terms of company growth, eClinicalWorks revenues grew by 35% to more than $200 million in 2011. Our employee headcount has grown to 2,000 and we are the largest cloud-based EHR in the country. 40% of our customers, representing 16,000+ physicians, are accessing the EHR and PM system via the Web on the eClinicalWorks Private Cloud. In 2011, we expanded our Cloud infrastructure and built new data centers in San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Boston. We now provide the strongest possible performance and disaster recovery services available for cloud-based EHRs.

To continue to manage our growth in 2011, we hired 600+ employees, expanded our headquarters in Massachusetts, added more space to our California office and are expanding our Mumbai office to provider better time-zone coverage for all customers. We have also finalized plans for a new office in Chicago in March 2012. We continue to cherish our corporate status of being an independent, profitable and most importantly – aprivate company.

eClinicalWorks has been fortunate to be recognized for its work in the healthcare industry, and our customers have also continued to receive some of the highest industry recognitions, with this year as no exception. eClinicalWorks was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for the fifth consecutive year and made it another spot higher on the Healthcare Informatics magazine’s HCI 100 list of largest healthcare IT companies.  AmericanEHR Partners, an online community in collaboration with the American College of Physicians and others, released its 2011 Market Share and Top 10 Rated Ambulatory EHR Products by Practice Report, placing eClinicalWorks favorably in regards to market share and satisfaction ratings. In a report released in November 2011 by IDC Health Insights, eClinicalWorks earned the highest scores for its EHR, placing us as the only company in the Leader Quadrant.

We congratulate two eClinicalWorks customers, the Primary Care Information Project (3,000 primary care doctors) and Hudson River HealthCare, for receiving the 2011 HIMSS Davies Awards, which honor excellence in the use of HIT for improving healthcare. During the past four years, six eClinicalWorks customers have received Davies Awards.

We also applaud many of our customers (1,847 as of November 2011 for Medicare; Medicaid numbers still not released) that have successfully attested for Meaningful Use Stage 1. Their achievements are an inspiration to every client.

In 2011, we made bold decisions to serve you better. We kicked off 2011 with a goal of upgrading a majority of our customers to our Meaningful Use-certified Version 9, and introduced On-Demand Activation (ODA) technology for our clients to self-activate many of our products, including Patient Portal, eClinicalMobile, eClinicalWorks P2P, eEHX, eClinicalMessenger and medical devices. This decision has been a major success and 93% of our customers upgraded to V9 in 2011. More than 8,500 customers representing 55,000+ physicians are now using our latest and most comprehensive EHR product, with 4,500 plus practices now engaging with their patients via the Patient Portal. Additionally, more than 2,500 practices are now on the eClinicalWorks P2P network.

In 2011, we offered eClinicalMobile, eClinicalWorks P2P and Patient Portal free to all of our customers, and we marked our 12th consecutive year where we improved functionality without increasing SMS rates.

So, what is new for 2012?

As we enter 2012, we are reminded of the philosophy that has brought us to where we are today: We do big things for our big customers, we do big things for our small customers, and we do all things for all of our customers.

Size alone isn’t enough to lead the industry, and national news reflects that in recent years. Clients who choose our product are not looking for a bigger company; they are looking for one that is committed to making technology and healthcare better. To that end, we are taking a closer look in 2012 to every part of this experience – from buying the product, to implementing the solution and supporting your daily needs; we are dedicating 2012 to constantly improving it.

Our engineering excellence has helped us achieve the success we enjoy today and that will continue heavily in 2012 with patient apps, Scribe and a native iPad® EHR application. Available this summer, our iPad solution offers an intuitive user interface, easy navigation and data entry through finger swipes and an integrated keyboard. With Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria coming out this year, ICD-10 requirements, and other features to improve functionality, we plan to include more than 500 new enhancements in Version 10 by the end of this year.

ACOs are a big initiative for the coming year as our company has been a pioneer in this arena with a number of eClinicalWorks customers being selected for this model. We will work diligently to provide features geared toward ACOs, including an in-depth ACO Portal product with ACO quality measures, data analysis, patient satisfaction surveys and eEHX for care coordination.

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene published a paper the November issue of the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) discussing the Hub Population Health System it built with eClinicalWorks. This technology helps evaluate population health and quality improvement activities throughout the City. As of September 2011, the system was live in 400 practices and by the first quarter of 2012, it will cover nearly 2.5 million New Yorkers, or almost 30% of the 8.4 million residents in NYC. This groundbreaking project has significant potential for analyzing population-based health. We are working actively toward commercializing the technology, and we will introduce a new Community Analytics product for our Enterprise, Hospital, IPA, PHO and ACO customers this summer.

Customer service remains at the forefront of our 2012 initiatives, and we continue to stay focused on expanding our customer service department with new hires and implementing live chat capabilities to further strengthen our support of you, and your practices. Soon, a new support channel will be introduced, which allows our customers to get instantaneous answers to their questions via an interactive case manager on the my.eclinicalworks.com portal. This initiative also calls for the hiring of an additional 250+ support engineers in early 2012. These steps, combined with the majority of the upgrade work completed for V9, should vastly enhance your overall support experience.

We stay grounded in spite of the success we enjoy, knowing that our future is directly tied to your success. Dreams are not those you see while you are sleeping, dreams are those you see that don’t let you sleep. Our dream, Improving Healthcare Together, is coming true because of the work that our clients do, and our commitment to supporting and growing with you all.

I stay committed to making eClinicalWorks better in the future. Thank you for your trust in my company and me, and we look forward to continued growth and improvements in the future.

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous year, 
Girish Kumar Navani

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