Gene Glave Spirit of Caring Award

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to support the Gene Glave Spirit of Caring Award. This award was created to recognize a truly outstanding humanitarian, Gene Glave RN, and others who embody a similar compassionate spirit of caring.

Gene was a dedicated nurse, recognized by her peers as one who cheerfully cared for anyone in need. Her passionate commitment to others touched many patients yet reached way beyond her career. Her energetic altruism radiated throughout the community, her church, her family and the countless charities that she selflessly served. Unfortunately, Gene passed away in 2011 but her spirit is still clearly alive and beaming within all of us fortunate enough to have known her.

Several of her friends, colleagues and her husband wanted to continue to commemorate this spirit through an annual award that would commend others with a similar spirit of caring.   We have chosen to honor a Roper St Francis employee (not limited to nursing) who embraces these compassionate attributes.

The monetary award will be donated to a charity selected by the awardee, and partially go to one of Gene’s favorite charities (SPCA, Dragonboats & Susan G. Komen). In its inaugural year, Gene was present for the award, and as was typical, she was working hard to applaud other devoted caregivers through this award for years to come.  The award will be presented at an annual oyster roast on March 24th attended by many who want to continue to encourage and recognize those dedicated to caring.

Please help us perpetuate the legacy of Gene Glave and those who humbly serve others by contributing to the “Gene Glave Spirit of Caring Award.” Donations, either financial or in-kind, may be mailed to:

Spirit of Caring
1525 Ashley River Rd.
Chas, SC 29407

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Victor Apat at 763-2463. Please follow us on Facebook at “Gene Glave Spirit of Caring” to watch our community support grow and our recognition of deserving individuals.  We hope you can help us support those who support others through your contribution.

Click here to download the donation form (PDF).


Friends of Gene Glave

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