Healthcare Goes Digital

iPhone in handWith the proliferation of mobile apps and a growing “Do-It-Yourself” mindset, the healthcare industry is being rethought and remade with technology. And there’s the money to do it. In the first half of 2015 alone, $2.1B has been invested in digital health. Take a look at a few of the hottest digital health companies – and how they’re helping people and changing healthcare.

Grand Rounds is a San Francisco-based startup that helps patients access second opinions from top medical experts around the world online.

Vida, a mobile app, gives people access to their own team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists from their smartphone. The $15 per week program includes reminders to take medication. Caregivers and family members can request access to the app to keep up with a patient’s progress.

Honor provides in-home, family-quality healthcare care and companionship for the elderly that their families can manage from anywhere. Care is currently only available in the greater San Francisco area.

What healthcare apps or websites do you use? Let us know.

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