Reviving our Resolutions


It doesn’t take long. Now that it’s early February, you can walk around your local gym and see that the newness and excitement of those “get fit” resolutions has worn off – and the crowd has, forgive the pun, thinned out considerably. How do we stay motivated to keep our resolutions – and ourselves – on the road to greater health and happiness?

Here are a few tips to keep you inspired.

  1. Resolution: Eat healthier.
    Tip: Cook healthier meals at home. Before you groan in agony, check out the easy, affordable, and delicious recipes that Roper St. Francis offers in each issue of House Calls magazine.
  2. Resolution: Reduce stress.
    Tip: Sniff an orange. Really! Studies have shown that the scent of a peeled orange can drastically reduce stress and improve mood swings.
  3. Resolution: Snack smarter.
    Tip: Step away from the chips and cookies and blend your way to something healthier and delicious, like this Green Smoothie with apple and avocado.
  4. Resolution: More books, less TV.
    Tip: Reign in your binge-watching and amp up your binge-reading with a subscription to Book Riot, which sends a box of books and literary gifts to you every three months.
  5. Resolution: Give back to the community.
    Tip: Volunteer! We happen to know of a great place. Our 500+ Roper St. Francis volunteer family provides vital support to our patients, staff, and their families. For more information, please contact our volunteer directors.

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