Rules for Participation in the MSSC Community EHR Program

The Medical Society of South Carolina (MSSC) intends to provide financial support to RSFH to enable RSFH’s efforts to assist physicians in adopting information technology solutions.

This assistance will enable participating physicians to demonstrate “Meaningful Use” as currently defined by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) in order to earn stimulus fund payments and avoid future penalties under the American
Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).

These technology solutions may include an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for your practice, replacement of your Practice Management (PM) system if desired, a Health Information Exchange (HIE) connection so you can share clinical data with your peers and the hospital, support for the EHR system, and reporting capabilities.

This brief is intended to clearly define which providers are eligible for participation in the subsidy Program as determined by the rules set forth by the Federal Government.

Eligibility Requirements for Participation

Any provider on active staff at any of the Roper / Saint Francis Healthcare hospitals is eligible to participate in the subsidy Program without regard to specialty, referral patterns, or length of time with the healthcare system. The only restrictions
placed on your participation in this Program other than having active staff status are:

  • If you currently own a certified EHR system, RSFH may not subsidize the purchase of a new EHR system. However, RSFH may subsidize the implementation of components to make your system communicate with other community practices
  • If you own an EHR system that is not certified, RSFH may subsidize the cost of upgrading your practice to a certified system from the same vendor
  • If the vendor of your current EHR system does not offer a certified EHR, RSFH may subsidize the transition of your practice to a certified EHR system
  • RSFH may subsidize only 85% of the allowable costs incurred in any of these scenarios, including software purchase,
    support, installation and training
  • Computers and other hardware to be used in your office cannot be subsidized by RSFH
  • Subsidies for ongoing costs such as maintenance payments to the vendor must end after 2013 according to current rules
  • RSFH may not subsidize any staff function for your office, including the scanning of old records

The diagram below is meant to help you determine your eligibility to participate in the Program.

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