The Medical Society’s First Meeting: Christmas Eve, 1789

The image below depicts the first minutes from a meeting of the Medical Society of South Carolina on Christmas Eve, 1789, penned by Dr. Tucker Harris. The attendance list for that founding meeting includes Dr. Elisha Poinsett. On that Christmas Eve, Dr. Poinsett’s son, Joel, was 10 years old. Later, Joel went on to become a physician – and a diplomat. In fact, Joel brought the flower we now consider a Christmas tradition to the U.S. from Mexico. It’s aptly named after him: the Poinsettia.

The minutes state that the meeting took place,”…at the house of Dr. Fayssoux. That house, located at 126 Tradd Street, is currently home to Mr. and Mrs. Wellin – who now know their house played an important role in the founding of the Medical Society.

mssc minutes

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