Former Marine Corps Sniper Receives RSF Scholarship

Jeffrey Waltz

Reposted from the MUSC Foundation Annual Report

One of six children, Jeffrey Waltz finished high school with no money for college. Instead he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and made it his goal to number among the most elite, enduring layers of testing to become a sniper and later a leader among his ranks.

After eight years of service in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, Jeffrey returned home to Summerville, ready to start a family and embark on a new phase of life. He got married, had two children and enrolled at the College of Charleston, where he studied biology and began preparing for a career in medicine.

Throughout college, Jeffrey worked construction full time so that he could complete his undergraduate education in four years. He also spent time working with MUSC lab teams to help save money before beginning the university’s College of Medicine.

Thanks to a new scholarship from the Medical Society of South Carolina, Jeffrey won’t be as challenged financially as he continues through medical school. As a recipient of the Roper St. Francis Physicians Scholarship, half of his education is covered for all four years of school.




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