New Member Spotlight


We’d like to give a warm welcome to the new Medical Society of SC members who joined September 29, 2015.


jason_curryJason A. Curry, M.D.
Specialty – Emergency Medicine

Clemson University, 2001 – 2005
Medical University of SC, 2005-2009


meredith_northamMeredith C. Northam, M.D.
Specialty – Diagnostic Radiology
Subspecialty – Musculoskeletal Imaging

Boston University, 1999 – 2003
Medical University of SC, 2004-2008


james_fitzpatrick James W. Fitzpatrick, D.O.
Specialty – Internal Medicine

University of South Carolina, 1971-1975
PHUA College of Osteopathic Medicine


abigail_gassAbigail Gass, M.D.
Specialty – Internal Medicine

East Tennessee State University, 2003-2006
Marshall University School of Medicine, 2006-2007
Medical University of SC, 2007-2010

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